Monday, February 9, 2015

Russian Pamphlet Collection

Raszkazy, anekdoty i stseny = Short stories, anecdotes and scenes from plays (Moscow, 1916) 
The Slavic Collection of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library holds a unique collection of small-sized Russian language publications, that were printed mainly in Russia at the turn of the twentieth-century.  These small imprints consist of Russian folk tales, song books, historical epics, etc..  Many of the publications from this collection contain colourful title covers that are reminiscent of the genre of this period.  The collection was donated to the Slavic Collection in 2010 by Professor Basil Rotoff.

This Russian Pamphlet Collection is available in the Slavic Collection's closed stack (inside room 234 Dafoe - The Slavic Collection Office).  Please ask the Slavic staff for assistance.