Sunday, May 2, 2010

Russian Archives Online

Russian Archives Online (RAO) is a digital project of Archives Media Project (AMP), -- a joint venture of Abamedia, and the Russian non-profit Film and Computer World (KIKOM), in cooperation with the Russian State Film and Photo Archives at Krasnogorsk (RGAKFD). AMP is currently creating a digital catalogue of the Krasnogorsk Archives' holdings for the year 1938, focusing on its film and photograph collection. Additional galleries within this site include: Yuri Gagarin: His Life in Photos; Soviet Propaganda Posters; the Romanov Album; and Sergei Eisenstein. One may also view various videos, including: A Look Inside the Krasnogorsk Archives; Soviet Women's Athletic Awards Ceremony; the Soviet Olympic Hockey Team; and the First Soviet Woman in Space.

A recent project completed by RAO is The Khrushchev Years, which was jointly created by Abamedia and the University of Texas at Austin, -- with funding made available through the Carnegie Foundation in New York. The multimudia project, The Khrushchev Years, is currently available in Russian, but will soon be completely translated into English.