Friday, November 15, 2013

Belarusian reference tool for cities and towns

Cover of the Mahiliou voblasts (Mahiliouskaia voblasts'), Book III, Harady i vioski Belarusi

Introductory page to the section devoted to the
Mstsislauski district (Mstsislauski raion), Mahiliou voblasts

Starting in 2004, the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore, of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been putting together a series of volumes devoted to the voblasts (provinces) of Belarus, and their individual districts.  Harady i vioski Belarusi (Cities and towns of Belarus) is being published by the Petrus Brouski Belarusian Encyclopedia Publishing House, -- with each individual voblasts' having 2 or 3 volumes devoted to its various raions (districts). Anyone doing genealogical research will find this set of books a most welcome resource tool. One will find write-ups on the history of each city, town and village located within a voblasts' and district. Each volume contains: information about when a particular town was founded; what are some noteworthy events that took place over the centuries in the town and its surrounding areas; and what important buildings and landmarks exist in a district. A detailed map of each district accompanies the start of each chapter devoted to that district. As a note, this is an ongoing project, with one or two volumes being added to the series each year.

Harady i vioski Belarusi, is located in the Slavic Collection's Reference section under the call number, Slav DK 507.37 H37.