Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book on Flags and Emblems of Ukraine

  Cover of Ukraina: Herby ta Prapory = Ukraine: Coats of Arms and Flags

 Symbols of Hornostaivs'kyi  and Kalanchats'kyi Raions in the Kherson Oblast'

Professor Andriy Hrechylo, Head of the Ukrainian Heraldic Society, was instrumental in compiling,  Ukraina: Herby ta Prapory = Ukraine: Coats of Arms and Flags, a large format publication, that focuses on contemporary Ukrainian national, regional, and mucicipal symbols (published in 2010). The book is divided according to each oblast (province/ administrative unit), and includes the various raions (districts), cities and larger towns, that are located in each of the respective oblasts, along with their specific heraldry. The book is published through the Ukrainian Parliamentary Publishers.

This is the first thorough attempt to provide an inventory of more than 1,200 symbols of oblasts, raions, cities and tows of independent Ukraine. All regions of Ukraine are represented in this publication: from Transcarpathia in the west to the Donbas in the east; and Polissia in the north, to Crimea in the south. The book is available in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library's Slavic Collection's Reference area, under the call # Slav Ref CR 614.4 U39 2010.